About Us

We are game changers and proud leaders of a revolution in horse nutrition.

Precision Equine innovates the most effective and powerful muscle building and recovery supplements for Equine athletes by breaking the boundaries of ‘traditional’ performance horse supplements and looking towards high performance human sports science nutrition strategies for maximum muscle gains and support.

Our flagship product MUSCLE MAX BAR is the first and only protein bar for sport horses and this proudly 100% Aussie invention is transforming the health, fitness and welfare of performance horses in Australia and around the world.

MUSCLE MAX BAR is an ultra-convenient just ‘unwrap and feed’ protein bar that has been scientifically formulated to support muscle repair, muscle recovery and muscle and topline building in horses. The MUSCLE MAX BAR does this by providing muscles with concentrated Essential Amino Acids, Branched Chain Amino Acids and vital repair boosting structural proteins , immediately after exercise when the muscles are primed to absorb and utilize these muscle repair and building super-proteins.

In the exact same way that human athletes consume protein shakes after exercise to super-charge muscle recovery and muscle building results, MUSCLE MAX BAR provides equine athletes with a no-mix, no-mess, no time/money wasting equine muscle and topline building supplement for horses to super-charge THEIR muscle recovery and muscle building results.

Our customers don’t just like the results they see and feel in their horse from using Precision Equine products, they LOVE them and over the past 5 years we have an established a strong customer base of raving fans who count the Precision Equine products as an essential factor in their horses health and fitness regime.

We Promise To

Deliver value to our customers by providing them with the highest quality and most effective supplements to support muscle repair, recovery and rebuilding in their performance horses

Empower our customers through their ability to build a strong, healthy, pain free performance horse through a simple but scientifically backed nutritional supplementation strategy

Back our products up with world class customer service and support.